About Ics

Hello, my name is Icaro Lopez de mesa Moyano. I am a Colombian Interactive designer and musician, passionate about the sound of industrial objects. My work has been developed in both artistic and commercial fields and it is the outcome of explorations by combining art, sound, new media, music, and education.


Throughout my career, I have found the importance to promote an awareness of the sound we create and which surrounds us. And I believe to integrate the physical and the aural, the spatial and the sonal since childhood is indispensable. So my work has been related to these intentions through the use of new technologies in poetic expressions.

I graduated as an industrial designer of the National University of Colombia, Additionally, I have 8 years of music studies in the New Culture music training school and a Diploma in Independent Band Management, awarded by the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra. Also, I have experience on stage as a singer and musician for over 20 years.

For more than a year, I was the creative director at Critertec Experience, a company that carries out art, technology and education projects. In 2014, I worked at PANORAMIKA SAS, one of the most important multimedia laboratories in Colombia, where I held the positions of developer, designer and finally director of projects in the interactive design team.

I have also been creator of three musical projects: LA PULPA, RESINA LALA and SHI$HA, with whom I have been invited to international festivals and events such as SXSW (USA), Lollapalooza (CHI), Fimu Fest (France), Day day up (China), Stereo Picnic, Rock Al Parque, Festival Hermoso Ruido, and Circulart in Colombia. My work as an artist has been exhibited at festivals such as Art Vision Contest Moscow, Design and emotion, Bogotá Book Fair, Arttec and Plataforma Bogotá.

Recently, I have been awarded a Scholarship by the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) to study a master of media arts in Germany.


In this website, you can find the outstanding projects that I have made with friends, companies and state institutions throughout my career as an interactive designer and musician.


Welcome to Ics kompany!